Our services: comprehensive and flexible


Why choose Downfield Property Company?

There are many reasons why landlords choose Downfield Property Company to manage their property 

Downfield Property Company make property management easy.

When it comes to property management, Downfield Property Company provide the complete service for landlords. Good service for landlords is a priority. We do understand that in property management sometimes problems can arise. We always aim to ensure we communicate and resolve any issues quickly and thoroughly.

For landlords we aim to make property management easy. 

We can help with everything from assesing your rent to offering a range of associated property management services, including repairs, property investment, property factoring, mortgages and financial services.

Discover what makes Downfield Property Company different from other property management companies. 

We also provide the following services:

  • residential property management
  • tenant find only service
  • a range of mortgage and finacial services
  • property maintainence and repair service
  • property factoring


Downfield Property Company

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